CombiFlow: Flow cytometry-based identification and characterization of genetically and functionally distinct AML subclones

Roos Houtsma*, Shanna M Hogeling, Jan Jacob Schuringa*

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Many cancers, including leukemias, are dynamic oligoclonal diseases. Tools to identify and prospectively isolate genetically distinct clones for functional studies are needed. We describe our CombiFlow protocol, which is a combinatorial flow cytometry-based approach to identify and isolate such distinct clones. CombiFlow enables the visualization of clonal evolution during disease progression and the identification of potential relapse-inducing cells at minimal residual disease (MRD) time points. The protocol can be adapted to various research questions and allows functional studies on live sorted cell populations. For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to de Boer et al. (2018).

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TijdschriftSTAR protocols
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StatusPublished - 17-dec.-2021

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