Combining designer cells and click chemistry for a one-pot four-step preparation of enantiopure beta-hydroxytriazoles

Wiktor Szymanski, Christiaan Postema, C. Tarabiono, Florian Berthiol, Lachlan Campbell-Verduyn, S. de Wildeman, J.G. de Vries, B.L. Feringa, D.B. Janssen

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The multistep catalytic process using designer cells, either added as freshly prepared suspensions or as stable lyophilized powder, and click reaction can be performed in one pot. The sequence of four reactions allows the production of both enantiomers of beta-hydroxytriazoles with high enantiomeric excess.
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TijdschriftAdvanced Synthesis & Catalysis
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StatusPublished - 10-sep.-2010

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