Combining the incompatible: inulin glass dispersions for fast dissolution, stabilization and formulation of lipophilic drugs

Dirk Jan van Drooge


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Solid dispersions offer a drug delivery platform that may overcome problems related to the absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs in-vivo. This is ascribed to accelerated dissolution of the drug. Nevertheless, up to now a small number of products based on solid dispersions have reached the market. This is due to difficulties in manufacturing, stabilization, dissolution and formulation as resulting in poor control over the physico-chemical characteristics of the product as outlined in the first chapter. Moreover, research is slowed down by a lack of characterization tools that elucidate the molecular structure of solid dispersions. In this thesis, a new platform technology is investigated that has the potential to overcome many of these problems. We set out to develop solid dispersions consisting of a hydrophilic matrix containing the lipophilic drug. In order to stabilise the system, including the incorporated drug substance, materials for the matrix were investigated which were in the glassy state at normal storage conditions.
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KwalificatieDoctor of Philosophy
  • Frijlink, Erik, Supervisor
Gedrukte ISBN's903672547X, 9036725461
StatusPublished - 2006

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