Communities and space – Post-Corona avenues for “new normals” in planning research

Christian W. Lamker*, Lummina G. Horlings, Emma Puerari

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The Corona crisis questions basic understandings of the relation between people, communities and spaces. It influences how society uses space and focuses our perspective on the importance of critical infrastructures, public services, and community networks. Which “new normals” regarding the changes in use of space by communities might emerge during this crisis? Individual and collective action emerge as a coping mechanism and a sign of collective hope. The current crisis makes the digitized more visible, while we exclude others who are outside cyberspace. Trade-offs between health and economy and new ways of organizing society are discussed publicly. What are the consequences for spatial planning and how does this open up new research avenues? This commentary aims to stimulate further discussions by putting forward six facets of the “new normal” that might impact upon post-Corona communities from a spatial planning perspective.
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TijdschriftLocal Development & Society
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Vroegere onlinedatum25-aug-2020
StatusPublished - 2020

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