Comorbidities in Heart Failure

Haye H van der Wal, Vincent M van Deursen, Peter van der Meer, Adriaan A Voors


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Comorbidities frequently accompany chronic heart failure (HF), contributing to increased morbidity and mortality, and an impaired quality of life. We describe the prevalence of several high-impact comorbidities in chronic HF patients and their impact on morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, we try to explain the underlying pathophysiological processes and the complex interaction between chronic HF and specific comorbidities. Although common risk factors are likely to contribute, it is reasonable to believe that factors associated with HF might cause other comorbidities and vice versa. Potential factors are inflammation, neurohormonal activation, and hemodynamic changes.

Originele taal-2English
TitelHandbook of Experimental Pharmacology
Aantal pagina's33
StatusPublished - 6-apr.-2017


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