Comparison of gait using a Multiflex foot versus a Quantum foot in knee disarticulation amputees

A.M. Boonstra*, V. Fidler, G.M.A. Spits, A.L. Hof, P. Tuil

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    The subjective responses and gait patterns of unilateral knee disarticulation amputees wearing prostheses fitted first with the Multiflex foot and then with the Quantum foot were studied. Nine amputees were included in the trial.

    A questionnaire asked the amputees about their preference for one of the feet.

    Gait analysis was performed measuring temporal parameters and goniometry of hips, knees and ankles in the sagittal and frontal planes.

    There was a slight preference for the Quantum foot. Preference seemed not to be related. to physical characteristics of the amputees nor to gait parameters.

    There were no differences in gait as far as the temporal factors were concerned.

    The main differences in the range of motion of the joints were in the frontal plane: the eversion-inversion movement of the ankle and the adduction-abduction movement of the hip. During walking at comfortable speed with the Multiflex foot the ankle and hip range of motion averaged 2.1 and 3.1 degrees respectively, less than during walking with the Quantum foot.

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    StatusPublished - aug.-1993

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