Comparison of genome-wide gene expression profiling by RNA Sequencing versus microarray in bronchial biopsies of COPD patients before and after inhaled corticosteroid treatment: does it provide new insights?

Benedikt Ditz, Jeunard G Boekhoudt, Hananeh Aliee, Fabian J Theis, Martijn Nawijn, Corry-Anke Brandsma, Pieter S Hiemstra, Wim Timens, Gaik W Tew, Michele A Grimbaldeston, Margaret Neighbors, Victor Guryev, Maarten van den Berge, Alen Faiz

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More DEGs are detected by RNA-Seq than microarrays in COPD lung biopsies and are associated with immunological pathways. Performing bulk tissue cell-type deconvolution in microarray lung samples, using the SVR method, reflects RNA-Seq results.

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TijdschriftERJ Open Research
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StatusPublished - 21-jun.-2021

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