Comparison of Rheological and Sedimentation Behavior of Commercially Available Suspending Vehicles for Oral Pharmaceutical Preparations

J Carolina Visser, Inge E J Ten Seldam, Isabella J van der Linden, Wouter L J Hinrichs, Reinier F H Veenendaal, Eli C F Dijkers, Herman J Woerdenbag


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A pharmaceutical suspension is a semi-liquid dosage form suitable for patients being unable to swallow solid medicines such as tablets and capsules. A vehicle used for the preparation of pharmaceutical oral suspensions preferably shows pseudo-plastic behavior. In a product that gets thinner with agitation and thicker upon standing, slow settlement of the suspended active pharmaceutical ingredient is combined with good pourability and rehomogenization. This gives the best guarantee of uniformity of dose for oral suspensions. In this study, the rheological behavior of commercially available ready-to-use vehicles for oral pharmaceutical preparations was compared, and the sedimentation of paracetamol dispersed in these vehicles was investigated. With SuspendIt and SyrSpend SF PH4 (Liquid), both pseudoplastic vehicles, very stable paracetamol suspensions were obtained. Of these two vehicles, SyrSpend SF PH4 (Liquid) displayed somewhat higher viscosity, which is a favorable quality characteristic for suspensions.

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Pagina's (van-tot)247-251
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TijdschriftInternational journal of pharmaceutical compounding
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StatusPublished - 8-jun-2018

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