Connecting and engaging our teachers at the UMCG

Evelyn Schaafsma*, Jorn Veltman, Boukje Houtsma, Bas Geboers, Grazyna Drzazga, Agnes Diemers

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Teaching at the Faculty of Medical Sciences is carried out by a large group of teachers (750-1000), the vast majority of whom work in Health Care. Financed by RUG innovation funds, the Faculty Development Team offers a diverse didactic training program for the professionalization of these teachers. However, it is difficult to connect to and engage with this large group and it takes an intricate system of both online and on-site initiatives that ensure that the group of UMCG educators, whose primary task is not teaching, receive support they might need to develop as teachers and start building connections between each other. In this poster we would like to showcase the following activities: Online platform
‘UMCG Docenten’ offering:
- Literature, videoclips, conference information etc
-Tips and Tricks Thursday
- Interactive discussions around teaching dilemmas, polls etc
- Knowledge base on a Sharepoint page
- Multimedia newsletter connected to the online platform and the knowledge base
- Annual teachers' week (off and online)
- Online module where teachers collaboratively improve each other's questions
(ToetsJeVraag Samen).
We hope to receive feedback on these activities and get inspired on what else we could be doing to increase the quality of teaching.
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StatusPublished - mrt.-2023
EvenementEducation Festival 2023 - University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
Duur: 27-mrt.-202330-mrt.-2023


FestivalEducation Festival 2023
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