Conservative Treatment in Diverticulitis Patients with Pericolic Extraluminal Air and the Role of Antibiotic Treatment

H. E. Bolkenstein*, S. T. van Dijk, E. C. J. Consten, B. G. F. Heggelman, C. M. A. Hoeks, I. A. M. J. Broeders, M. A. Boermeester, W. A. Draaisma

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BackgroundRecently published studies advocate a conservative approach with observation and antibiotic treatment in diverticulitis patients with pericolic air on computed tomography (CT). The primary aim of this study was to assess the clinical course of initially conservatively treated diverticulitis patients with isolated pericolic air and to identify risk factors for conservative treatment failure. The secondary aim was to assess the outcome of non-antibiotic treatment.MethodsPatient data from a retrospective cohort study on risk factors for complicated diverticulitis were combined with data from the DIABOLO trial, a randomised controlled trial comparing non-antibiotic with antibiotic treatment in patients with uncomplicated diverticulitis. The present study identified all patients with Hinchey 1A diverticulitis with isolated pericolic air on CT. Pericolic air was defined as air located

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TijdschriftJournal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
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StatusPublished - nov-2019
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