Consistent filtering of videos and dense light-fields without optic-flow

Sumit Shekhar, Amir Semmo, Matthias Trapp, Okan Tarhan Tursun, Sebastian Pasewaldt, Karol Myszkowski, Jürgen Döllner

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A convenient post-production video processing approach is to apply image filters on a per-frame basis. This allows the flexibility of extending image filters—originally designed for still images—to videos. However, per-image filtering may lead to temporal inconsistencies perceived as unpleasant flickering artifacts, which is also the case for dense light-fields due to angular inconsistencies. In this work, we present a method for consistent filtering of videos and dense light-fields that addresses these problems. Our assumption is that inconsistencies—due to per-image filtering—are represented as noise across the image sequence. We thus perform denoising across the filtered image sequence and combine per-image filtered results with their denoised versions. At this, we use saliency based optimization weights to produce a consistent output while preserving the details simultaneously. To control the degree-of-consistency in the final output, we implemented our approach in an interactive real-time processing framework. Unlike state-of-the-art inconsistency removal techniques, our approach does not rely on optic-flow for enforcing coherence. Comparisons and a qualitative evaluation indicate that our method provides better results over state-of-the-art approaches for certain types of filters and applications.

Originele taal-2English
TitelVision, Modeling and Visualization, VMV 2019
RedacteurenHans-Jorg Schulz, Matthias Teschner, Michael Wimmer
UitgeverijEurographics Association
ISBN van elektronische versie9783038680987
StatusPublished - 2019
Extern gepubliceerdJa
Evenement2019 Conference on Vision, Modeling and Visualization, VMV 2019 - Rostock, Germany
Duur: 30-sep.-20192-okt.-2019

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NaamVision, Modeling and Visualization, VMV 2019


Conference2019 Conference on Vision, Modeling and Visualization, VMV 2019

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