Context matters: The role of perceived ease and feasibility vis-à-vis biospheric values in recycling behaviour

Josefine Geiger*, Ellen van der Werff, Berfu Ünal, Linda Steg

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In this paper, we studied to what extent individual factors and perceptions of the context are related to recycling. We reasoned and found that perceived ease of using a collection system is related to recycling, via perceived feasibility of recycling. Moreover, we hypothesised and found that the effect of biospheric values depends on the perceived feasibility of recycling. Interestingly, biospheric values were more strongly related to recycling when recycling was perceived as not very feasible. When recycling was perceived as very feasible, individuals recycled irrespective of their biospheric value strength. These results partially support the A-B-C-model but do not support the low-cost-hypothesis. We replicated our findings in two questionnaire studies in two regions in the Netherlands with different waste collection systems, and for recycling in general as well as for recycling of four different waste types. We could not replicate the results for actual waste behaviour. We discuss theoretical and practical implications.
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TijdschriftResources, Conservation and Recycling Advances
StatusPublished - dec.-2022

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