Continual Planning with Sensing for Web Service Composition

Eirini Kaldeli, Alexander Lazovik, Marco Aiello

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Web Service (WS) domains constitute an application field where automated planning can significantly contribute towards achieving customisable and adaptable compositions. Following the vision of using domain-independent planning and declarative complex goals to generate compositions based on atomic service descriptions, we apply a planning framework based on Constraint Satisfaction techniques to a domain consisting of WSs with diverse functionalities. One of the key requirements of such domains is the ability to address the incomplete knowledge problem, as well as recovering from failures that may occur during execution. We propose an algorithm for interleaving planning, monitoring and execution, where continual planning via altering the CSP is performed, under the light of the feedback acquired at runtime. The system is evaluated against a number of scenarios including real WSs, demonstrating the leverage of situations that can be effectively tackled with respect to previous approaches.
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TitelAAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
UitgeverijAAAI Press
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StatusPublished - 2011


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