Continuous chiral separations in microreactors

Susanti Susanti, Tim G. Meinds, Erik Pinxterhuis, Boelo Schuur, Johannes G. de Vries, B.L. Feringa, Jozef Winkelman, Jun Yue, Hero Heeres



The potential of microreactors for enantioselective liquid-liquid extraction has been explored. The experiments were performed in capillary microreactors with combined reactive extraction and phase separation, for the chiral separation of a representative racemic amino acid derivative (3,5-R,S-DNBLeu) dissolved in water by using a chiral host (a chinchona alkaloid) in the organic phase (1-octanol
or 1,2-DCE). The results show that the ee is higher at short residence times of the two liquid phases in comparison with the ee at equilibrium. The performance and advantages of microreator operation in chiral separation will be further discussed.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 1-dec-2016
EvenementCHAINS 2016 - Veldhoven, Netherlands
Duur: 6-dec-20168-dec-2016


ConferenceCHAINS 2016

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