Continuous Solid Particle Flow in Microreactors for Efficient Chemical Conversion

Jie Zong, Jun Yue*

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The incorporation of flowing nanoparticles or microparticles for use in catalysis as well as in the enhancement of mass transfer in microreactors opens a new avenue for chemical process intensification. In this work, the recent application of handling suspended solid particles in microreactors for carrying out efficient chemical conversions is reviewed, including the use of colloidal suspensions, Pickering emulsions, and catalyst slurries. Emphasis is laid on the effect of the presence of solid particles on the microflow characteristics, mass transfer property, and reaction enhancement, especially in multiphase fluid systems as the most frequently used one in microreactors. A future perspective regarding the potential application of such microreactor systems as well as challenges, especially related to stable flow operation and catalyst recycling, is further provided.
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Pagina's (van-tot)6269-6291
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TijdschriftIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
Nummer van het tijdschrift19
Vroegere onlinedatum2-mei-2022
StatusPublished - 18-mei-2022

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