Contrast-optimized composite image derived from multigradient echo cardiac magnetic resonance imaging improves reproducibility of myocardial contours and T2*measurement

Pandji Triadyaksa*, Astri Handayani, Hildebrand Dijkstra, Kadek Y. E. Aryanto, Gert Jan Pelgrim, Xueqian Xie, Tineke P. Willems, Niek H. J. Prakken, Matthijs Oudkerk, Paul E. Sijens

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Reproducibility of myocardial contour determination in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging is important, especially when determining T2* values per myocardial segment as a prognostic factor of heart failure or thalassemia. A method creating a composite image with contrasts optimized for drawing myocardial contours is introduced and compared with the standard method on a single image.

A total of 36 short-axis slices from bright-blood multigradient echo (MGE) T2* scans of 21 patients were acquired at eight echo times. Four observers drew free-hand myocardial contours on one manually selected T2* image (method 1) and on one image composed by blending three images acquired at TEs providing optimum contrast-to-noise ratio between the myocardium and its surrounding regions (method 2).

Myocardial contouring by method 2 met higher interobserver reproducibility than method 1 (P <0.001) with smaller Coefficient of variance (CoV) of T2* values in the presence of myocardial iron accumulation (9.79 vs. 15.91 %) and in both global myocardial and mid-ventricular septum regions (12.29 vs. 16.88 and 5.76 vs. 8.16 %, respectively).

The use of contrast-optimized composite images in MGE data analysis improves reproducibility of myocardial contour determination, leading to increased consistency in the calculated T2* values enhancing the diagnostic impact of this measure of iron overload.

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TijdschriftMagnetic resonance materials in physics biology and medicine
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StatusPublished - feb.-2016

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