Conversion of B-rep CAD models into globally G1 triangular splines

Gerben Jan Hettinga*, Jiří Kosinka

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Existing techniques that convert B-rep (boundary representation) patches into Clough-Tocher splines guarantee watertight, that is C0, conversion results across B-rep edges. In contrast, our approach ensures global tangent-plane, that is G1, continuity of the converted B-rep CAD models. We achieve this by careful boundary curve and normal vector management, and by converting the input models into Shirman-Séquin macro-elements near their (trimmed) B-rep edges. We propose several different variants and compare them with respect to their locality, visual quality, and difference with the input B-rep CAD model. Although the same global G1 continuity can also be achieved by conversion techniques based on subdivision surfaces, our approach uses triangular splines and thus enjoys full compatibility with CAD.

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TijdschriftComputer aided geometric design
StatusPublished - feb.-2020

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