Correction of error in two-dimensional wear measurements of cemented hip arthroplasties

Bertram The, Linda Mol, Ron L Diercks, Peter M A van Ooijen, Nico Verdonschot

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    The irregularity of individual wear patterns of total hip prostheses seen during patient followup may result partially from differences in radiographic projection of the components between radiographs. A method to adjust for this source of error would increase the value of individual wear curves. We developed and tested a method to correct for this source of error. The influence of patient position on validity of wear measurements was investigated with controlled manipulation of a cadaveric pelvis. Without correction, the error exceeded 0.2 mm if differences in cup projection were as small as 5 degrees. When using the described correction method, cup positioning differences could be greater than 20 degrees before introducing an error exceeding 0.2 mm. For followup of patients in clinical practice, we recommend using the correction method to enhance accuracy of the results.

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    TijdschriftClinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
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    StatusPublished - jan.-2006

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