CO2 capture and re-use at a waste incinerator

Patrick Huttenhuis*, Andy Roeloffzen, Geert Versteeg

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Twence is a waste processing and energy generation company located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. In the Twence plant waste is incinerated and in this process the waste is converted to valuable products like heat and power. In the flue gas produced from this Waste-To-Energy (WTE) plant a significant amount of CO2 is released to the atmosphere. Recently a new innovative process developed by Procede Gas Treating B.V. has been commissioned at line 3 of the Twence plant. In this process CO2 emitted to atmosphere, is scrubbed from the flue gas and this CO2 is used for mineralization. The CO2 is converted in an innovative new reactor configuration from sodium carbonate directly to sodium bicarbonate (SBC). The produced SBC slurry will directly be used at the WTE plant to purify the flue gas stream, before it is released to atmosphere. Due to the implementation of this process, which is unique in the world, the carbon footprint of the Twence installation is reduced. The new SBC plant produces 8,000 tons of sodium bicarbonate annually and to produce this amount of SBC 2,000 ton per year CO2 is captured from the flue gas.

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TijdschriftEnergy Procedia
StatusPublished - 1-jan.-2016
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EvenementThe Trondheim Conference on Capture, Transport and Storage - Trondheim, Norway
Duur: 16-jun.-201518-jun.-2015
Congresnummer: 8th

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