Could mass eccentricity explain the formation of orbits in wind turbines?

Aljoscha Sander, Bas Holman, Andreas Haselsteiner

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The kinematics of offshore wind turbines are of great importance when installing the turbines, as the motions of the components during craning operations are a limiting factor. Most critical is the installation of the blades: the blade's bolts need to be inserted into the rotor flange, an operation that requires great precision. Both the blade and the turbine undergo environmental loading, leading to relative motions between the blade root and the hub during installation. Results from an offshore wind farm installation measurement campaign showed, that the partially installed turbines show intricate patterns of motion (orbits) in the horizontal plane. The mechanism behind the formation of these orbits remains elusive so far.
In this paper, we present a novel torsional coupling mechanism linking motions in the fore-aft and side-side direction. It can explain the formation of orbits that change direction.
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StatusSubmitted - 25-okt.-2021

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