Cover Feature: Exploring the Selective Demethylation of Aryl Methyl Ethers with a Pseudomonas Rieske Monooxygenase (ChemBioChem 1/2019)

Elisa Lanfranchi*, Miloš Trajković, Katalin Barta, Johannes G. de Vries, Dick B. Janssen

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The cover feature picture shows a multienzymatic cascade for the dealkylation of aryl-methyl ethers to hydroxylated aromatics. We determined that the two-component O-demethylation system VanA–VanB converts small aromatic acids with high selectivity for methoxy groups at the meta position of the aromatic ring. This preference is of particular interest for the valorization of lignin degradation products. We designed a one-pot cascade reaction coupling VanA–VanB to formaldehyde and formate dehydrogenases (FADH and FDH). The combination resulted in high hydroxy product yields with an efficient NADH cofactor recycling system through complete by-product oxidation to CO2. More information can be found in the full paper by E. Lanfranchi et al. on page 118 in Issue 1, 2019 (DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201800594).
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StatusPublished - 2-jan.-2019

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