Creating a common language for soundscape research: Translation and validation of Dutch soundscape attributes

Kirsten van den Bosch*, Darragh Fitzpatrick, Tamara Lühr, Nicolas Orlik, Anastasios Sarampalis

*Corresponding author voor dit werk

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Much of the work into the understanding of our auditory environment, referred to as soundscape research, has emerged from international and interdisciplinary research. This has enabled growth in understanding and increased opportunities for optimising shared environments but has also formed one major obstacle: a lack of a common language to describe soundscapes. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to validate translated soundscape descriptors in Dutch as part of the Soundscape Attributes Translation Project (SATP). For this, an expert panel of seven soundscape researchers from The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) translated the original eight English attributes into Dutch. Subsequently, following standardised materials and procedures, a sample of 32 Dutch participants completed a listening experiment in which they rated 27 audio files on the eight soundscape attributes. Results show modest evidence indicating that the Dutch translations were applied similarly to the original English attributes, with a slight (but not statistically significant) bias towards Pleasantness and Eventfulness in the Dutch sample. Bayesian analysis supports these findings by showing that the translations for the opposing attributes Uneventful and Annoying fit less well compared to the other attributes. Despite some limitations and while further research is necessary, our findings are promising and suggest that, although not perfect, the Dutch translations of the English soundscape attributes could already be useful for describing the
general appraisal of a person’s soundscape in The Netherlands.
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TijdschriftApplied Acoustics
StatusPublished - sep.-2023


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