Creep recovery of metallic glass Fe-Ni-B after longtime stress-annealing

A Jurikova*, K Csach, J Miskuf, Vaclav Ocelik

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    The creep strain recovery of magnetic soft material - amorphous metallic glass Fe-Ni-B after a longtime stress-annealing at different temperatures below the crystallization temperature was described using differential scanning calorimetry and dilatometry. Several deformation energy accumulations take place in dependence on annealing temperature. The longtime annealing of amorphous structure under an external tensile stress results in structural changes connected with different mechanisms raised in individual creep stages. The structural relaxation states of amorphous ribbon annealed at different temperatures under and without applied stress, as well as for the same ribbon in as-quenched state, have been compared. An influence of annealing temperature on the shape of creep recovery spectra was investigated.

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    Pagina's (van-tot)D129-D132
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    TijdschriftCzechoslovak Journal of Physics
    StatusPublished - 2004
    Evenement12th Czech and Slovak Conference on Magnetism - Kosice, Slovakia
    Duur: 12-jul.-200415-jul.-2004

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