Cross sections for energetic heavy-ion impact on protonated water clusters

Alexander von Zastrow, Rico Otto, Sebastien Jezouin, Jonathan Brox, Martin Stei, Olmo Gonzalez-Magana, Geert Reitsma, Thomas Schlathoelter, Ronnie Hoekstra, Thorsten Best, Roland Wester*

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Energetic impact of multiple ionized oxygen on protonated water clusters in the range of eight to twenty-one water molecules is investigated on the ZERNIKE-LEIF facility. The target water clusters are stored in a Paul trap and thermalized by cold buffer gas. This well-controlled approach allows for a direct measurement of the total inelastic cross section leading to trap-loss processes of the target ions.

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Pagina's (van-tot)251-255
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TijdschriftApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
Nummer van het tijdschrift1-2
StatusPublished - jan.-2014

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