Crystal growth, structure and some properties of PbNbS3, SnSNbS3, LaNbS3 and related misfit layer compounds

G.A Wiegers*, A Meetsma, R.J Haange, J.L de Boer

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    ompounds with the assumed composition PbMS3, SnMS3 (M=Ti, V, Nb, Ta), known for about 20 years, were investigated by single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction. Since crystals were grown by vapour transport using Cl2, from (NH4)2PbCl6, as transport agent. The compounds may be classified as misfit layer compounds, built of alternately two-atom thick layers of SnS or PbS with distorted NaCl type structure and sandwiches MS2. This was proved by single crystal X-ray diffraction for “SnNbS3” which turned out to have the composition (SnS1.17NbS2; the NbS2 sandwiches have niobium atoms in trigonal prismatic coordination by sulfur like 2H-NbS2. Single crystals “LaNbS3” show a similar diffraction pattern which indicates a layered structure with units LaS and NbS2. The electrical transport properties of (PbS)1.14NbS2 resemble strongly those of 2H-NbS2. Crystals PbHfS3 and SnHfS3 obtained by vapour transport have the NH4CdCl3 structure
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    TijdschriftSolid state ionics
    StatusPublished - 1989

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