Cultural Policy in the Polder: 25 Years Dutch Cultural Policy Act

Quirijn van den Hoogen (Redacteur), Edwin van Meerkerk (Redacteur)



    The Netherlands possesses relatively few national cultural institutions in comparison to other countries. Before the Second World War, there was hardly any national cultural policy to speak of. After the 1945s, a truly intricate system of centralised policy making evolved in which the national government, rather than cities and regions, set the agenda. In 1993, the policy system was formalized with the Cultural Policy Act. From the onset, the Act has been criticised and debated. In the Dutch tradition of 'poldering', a system of constant negotiations and compromises between public and private parties, the system not only persisted, but grew in both size and complexity.
    At the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Cultural Policy Act, Cultural Policy in the Polder introduces the Dutch system, the key debates of 25 years cultural policy making and the challenges to the system for the coming decades.
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    StatusPublished - 30-okt-2018
    EvenementCultural Policy in the Polder - Radbouduniversiteit Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Netherlands
    Duur: 30-okt-201830-okt-2018

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