Culturally relevant/responsive and sustaining pedagogies in science education: Theoretical perspectives and curriculum implications

Theila Smith*, Lucy Avraamidou, Jennifer Adams

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The main focus of this paper is to put forward an argument about the value of asset-based, culturally relevant/responsive and sustaining pedagogies in science education, especially in former colonial contexts. Countering the framing hegemony of science education through a historically Euro-dominant lens, we call for a critical analysis of the state of science education in the Netherlands by exploring, specifically, the Dutch Caribbean community which includes Suriname and the former Dutch Antilles and Aruba and the need to respond with a more culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogical stance. In doing so, we provide a concrete example of a CR-SP-focused community-based STEAM program for young children and their parents in the north of the Netherlands. We hope that this paper will provide the foundation to springboard conversations among educators and researchers with an interest in designing, enacting and researching CR-SP-informed programs and curricula geared for historically marginalized families and children.
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TijdschriftCultural Studies of Science Education
Vroegere onlinedatum24-feb-2022
StatusE-pub ahead of print - 24-feb-2022

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