Curious minds in the classroom: The influence of video feedback coaching for teachers in science and technology lessons

Anna Wetzels


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Science and technology (S & T) play an important role in society, because every citizen needs a certain basic understanding of S & T to participate in the public debate, for example, in discussions with regard to topics such as climate change and gene manipulation. This thesis describes how video feedback coaching (VFC-T) can help stimulate S&T skills of students in the early school years, such as inquiry skills, scientific reasoning and argumentation. The VFC T focuses on teacher professionalization with regard to providing S&T lessons, and stresses the importance of interaction between teacher and pupils as a means to stimulate these S&T skills. Teachers learn to use different pedagogical strategies, namely the scientific method, asking questions that encourage students’ scientific reasoning, and scaffolding. The latter provides the teacher support just above the level of a learner, so the pupil can reach a higher level. Video recordings of their own lessons are used during the coaching of teachers in applying these techniques. The effecti study shows that the intervention had a positive effect on the number of scientific reasoning stimulating questions asked by teachers during the intervention. However, this effect is no longer visible two months after the intervention. The pupils, however, show a higher level of scientific reasoning during and after the end of the intervention, compared with the pre-measurements and in comparison with a control group (and this result is still visible after 2 months). Not all teachers showed these results. This thesis describes how contextual aspects influence the effectiveness in individual cases, and explains these results from a complexity viewpoint.
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StatusPublished - 2015

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