Current developments in environmental psychology: topics and researchers


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The aim of this special issue is to bring the work of early-career researchers in environmental psychology to the spotlight. These young researchers come from different countries and cultures, have their own theoretical approaches and employ different research methods to increase knowledge on the relationships between humans and their environments. The papers included in this special issue address key questions for environmental psychology, such as which important factors influence (pro-environmental) behaviour and under which conditions, how these key factors can be addressed in interventions aimed at increasing environmental quality and individual well-being, and under which conditions such interventions are effective or may even backfire. The selected papers represent a variety of (new) methods to address these questions. By presenting this work of early-career researchers, this special issue is expected to inspire and encourage future innovative and diverse contributions to the field of environmental psychology.
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TijdschriftPsyecology : Bilingual Journal of Environmental Psychology
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StatusPublished - 2016


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