Customer cocreation experience in online communities: antecedents and outcomes

Zeynep Didem Nohutlu*, Basil G. Englis, Aard J. Groen, Efthymios Constantinides

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    Purpose The purpose of this article is to obtain an in-depth insight into the nature and impact of customers ' cocreation experiences in online communities and the effects of customer cocreation on innovation processes. Design/methodology/approach This study is focused on an online cocreation community created by a market research company on behalf of a company. By means of a case study approach and through in-depth interviews, the authors identify the actual customer experiences and measure (or assess) the degree of involvement of customer creativity and experience in new idea generation. Findings Cocreation experience can be enhanced through evoking pragmatic, sociability, usability and hedonic experiences and more positive experiences and therefore, outcomes of collaborative innovation in online communities can be achieved. Findings show a classification of each role the community moderator/community manager and peer online community members perform as antecedents of cocreation experience, highlight the value of group feeling/sense of community/sense of belonging and homophily/communality in achieving that, the nature of a supportive online platform and give an overview of positive and negative outcomes of cocreation experience. Originality/value This case study provides with valuable insights in the phenomenon of customer cocreation and how to enhance participation of community members in collaborative innovation in online communities through positive experience, which is important for businesses involved in innovation trajectories and product and service improvement efforts.

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    TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Innovation Management
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    Vroegere onlinedatum11-feb-2021
    StatusPublished - 16-feb-2022

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