Customer Feedback Metrics for Marketing Accountability

Evert de Haan, Pieter Verhoef, Thorsten Wiesel

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In this book chapter, we discuss how Customer Feedback Metrics (CFMs), also known as Customer Mindset Metrics and Perceptual Metrics, can be used to make marketing more accountable. We do so by first discussing the history of CFMs like Customer Satisfaction and the Net Promoter Score, followed by a classification of different types of CFMs. After this we provide an overview of the empirically established relationships between the marketing mix and CFMs, as well as how CFMs are driving or can help predict future firm performance and future customer behavior. This is followed by a discussion how managers can use CFMs in daily practice in order to create a customer dashboard. This chapter ends with a discussion of some of the challenges that CFMs bring, as well as an overview of future research directions. This chapter is of interest for academics, practitioners, as well as (MBA) students who are interested in CFMs and marketing accountability.
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TitelMarketing Accountability for Marketing and Non-marketing Outcomes
UitgeverijEmerald Insight
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StatusPublished - 27-sep-2021

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NaamReview of Marketing Research
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