Dalle Rotte alle Strade: infrastrutture e insediamenti nei Colli Albani dalle origini all'età romana


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Over the past few decades, a large amount of archaeological data has been collected in every Italian region during scientific activity of the Superintendency, often preceding building activities. The territory close to Rome has been no exception.
These investigations have led to the accumulation of an impressive amount of data in the archives of the Superintendency. This data is rather heterogeneous in character, with the intensity and scale of work conducted often being conditioned by the extent of planned construction activity. This study focuses on the Alban Hills and brings together data from recent excavation campaigns, and legacy data, to be re-analyzed in the light of the modern investigation instruments. Departing from the past archaeological finds unearthed in this region, this research focuses on the specific topics of the communication routes and settlement dynamics on the western slopes of the Alban crater in South Lazio. The approach to this study started from the recognition of the morphological features that most influenced the use of the territory by the human communities. Geomorphology has been used as a key to better understand the most-favourable routes through this landscape and the most suitable places for settlements. To this end, known archaeological remains were superimposed onto the geomorphological map revealing how human activity is most intense near and on the volcanic ridges. Moreover, the intersections between radial and concentric ridges appear of major importance, as is clear from two cases study sites in the Marcandreola area (Ciampino, Rome). Here, several use-phases of the most important route in the area, as the so-called via Castrimeniense, traces of volcanic activity in historical times, and intensive cult activity, were identified. From this it has been possible to redraw the gradual exploitation of this territory before it was conquered by Rome.
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