Dark Tourism (description of concept, trends, and types of travelers)

Dorina Buda, Annaclaudia Martini, Avital Biran

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    Interest in dark tourism is on the rise. Defined as tourism to sites associated with death, disaster and atrocity, this phenomenon has caught the attention of both the academic world and that of the wider public. This type of tourism has become a lucrative commercial practice creating products for monetary profit. Advanced technology generating time-space compression has helped spread this phenomenon, thus bringing death, disaster and atrocity live in people’s homes and in their living memories. Media, movies and accounts of breaking-news events help stimulate dark tourism, and the global-local juxtaposition represents a drive to this phenomenon. Dark tourists cannot, therefore, be totally divorced from the viewing public, which incorporates these media commoditizations into their lives and later seek tourist experiences to feed the sense of ‘familiarity’ provided by the media.
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    StatusPublished - jun-2017

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