Data Selection for Unsupervised Translation of German--Upper Sorbian

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    This paper describes the methods behind the systems submitted by the University of Groningen for the WMT 2020 Unsupervised Machine Translation task for German--Upper Sorbian. We investigate the usefulness of data selection in the unsupervised setting. We find that we can perform data selection using a pretrained model and show that the quality of a set of sentences or documents can have a great impact on the performance of the UNMT system trained on it. Furthermore, we show that document-level data selection should be preferred for training the XLM model when possible. Finally, we show that there is a trade-off between quality and quantity of the data used to train UNMT systems.
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    TitelProceedings of the Fifth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT)
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    StatusPublished - nov-2020
    EvenementFifth Conference on Machine Translation - Online
    Duur: 19-nov-202020-nov-2020


    ConferenceFifth Conference on Machine Translation
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