De gemaskerde god. Francois Haver Schmidt en het Oera Linda- boek

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The subject of this study is the so-called Oera Linda Book, an enigmatic manuscript which turned up in 1867 as an heirloom in the house of Cornelis over de Linden (Enkhuizen 1811- Den Helder 1874). Over de Linden, who worked as a shipwright at the naval dockyard in the city of Den Helder, had allegedly inherited the manuscript from his aunt Aafje from the town of Enkhuizen. This book is presented as a chronicle, composed by Over de Lindren's ancestors from c. 600 BC until 50 BC. It was written in a sort of Old Frisian and in a peculiar script which resembles runes. The book deals with the history of the Frisians from c 2200 BC onwards. It tells of an ancient Frisian, freedom-loving civilization which was led by women and which laid the foundation for the entire white Western European civilization to come. In the course of the centuries this Frisian empire was conquered and corrupted by Phoenicians, Gauls and other tribes, people and nations, some of which are known from classical historical sources. ... Zie: Summary.
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  • Bremmer, Jan, Supervisor
  • Mathijsen-Verkooijen, M.T.C., Supervisor, Externe Persoon
Datum van toekenning6-dec-2004
Plaats van publicatieGroningen
StatusPublished - 2004


  • François Haverschmidt (1835-1894)
  • Proefschriften (vorm)
  • Receptie, Mystificatie
  • Ontstaansgeschiedenis
  • Oera Linda bok
  • 1860-1870
  • 1867
  • vc557-1256
  • Friese taal- en/of letterkunde
  • Friesland

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