De onzichtbare verteller: Over 'Wees onzichtbaar' van Murat Isik

Sandra van Voorst*

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    What is fascinating about Murat Isik's novel Wees onzichtbaar is that so many different groups of people greatly appreciate this book, from the juries of the literary prizes, to the literary-oriented readers in the countless reading clubs in the Netherlands, and from the viewers of the TV programs De leesclub van M. and Koffietijd, to the students and the booksellers.

    This article examines how the novel brings about that enthusiasm about Isik's storytelling and which narrative aspects could play a role in it. After the main storylines have been mapped, the storytelling perspective and some storytelling techniques are discussed. In addition, attention is paid to the novel Wees onzichtbaar as a 'coming of age' novel, in the broader perspective of multicultural diversity and cultural differences in a multicultural society.
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    TijdschriftInternationale Neerlandistiek
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    StatusPublished - okt-2021

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