Dealing with change in old age: Negotiating working-class belonging in a neighbourhood in the process of urban renewal in the Netherlands

Debbie Lager*, Bettina Van Hoven, Paulus P. P. Huigen

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‘Ageing in place’ policies presuppose that growing old in one’s own home and neighbourhood is in the best interests of older adults, as a familiar and predictable environment fosters autonomy and well-being in old age. However, discontinuities of place can challenge the relationship between older adults and their neighbourhood. This paper addresses the impact of neighbourhood transitions on older adults’ sense of belonging in the Netherlands by exploring how they deal with changes in the neighbourhood in their everyday life. The context of this qualitative research is a former working-class neighbourhood in the process of urban renewal. Our findings show how a sense of belonging is negotiated in relation to everyday places and interactions within the neighbourhood, providing a sense of continuity despite neighbourhood change.
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StatusPublished - dec-2013

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