Decentralization and Governance for Sustainable Society in Indonesia

Ronald L. Holzhacker*, Rafael Wittek, Johan Woltjer

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Indonesia, over the past two decades, has embarked on a process of decentralization as part of a broader process of democratization, which followed earlier periods of centralized governance and authoritarian rule across the archipelago. The purpose of this book is to explore the connections between governance and sustainable society in a wide variety of policy fields in Indonesia and how reforming governance structures may contribute to societal benefits and the creation of a long-term sustainable society. The structures created may be characterized as a variable form of multi-governance, with varying types of relationships between the central government and newly empowered local governments.
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TitelDecentralization and Governance in Indonesia
RedacteurenRonald L. Holzhacker, Rafael Wittek, Johan Woltjer
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StatusPublished - 11-sep-2015

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Naam Development and Governance

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