Defect ferromagnetism induced by lower valence cation doping: Li-doped SnO(2)nanoparticles

S. Akbar*, S. K. Hasanain, O. Ivashenko, M. V. Dutka, N. Z. Ali, G. R. Blake, J. Th. M. De Hosson, P. Rudolf

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To explore the role of Li in establishing room-temperature ferromagnetism in SnO2, the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Li-doped SnO(2)compounds were studied for different size regimes, from nanoparticles to bulk crystals. Li-doped nanoparticles show ferromagnetic ordering plus a paramagnetic contribution for particle sizes in the range of 16-51 nm, while pure SnO(2)and Li-doped compounds below and above this particular size range are diamagnetic. The magnetic moment is larger for compositions where the Li substitutes for Sn than for compositions where Li prevalently occupies interstitial sites. The observed ferromagnetic ordering in Li-doped SnO(2)nanoparticles is mainly due to the holes created when Li substitutes at a Sn site. Conversely, Li acts as an electron donor and electrons from Li may combine with holes to decrease ferromagnetism when lithium mainly occupies interstitial sites in the SnO(2)lattice.

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TijdschriftRSC Advances
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StatusPublished - 14-jul-2020

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