Delivering blended bioinformatics training in resource-limited settings: A case study on the University of Khartoum H3ABioNet node

Azza E. Ahmed, Ayah A. Awadallah, Mawada Tagelsir, Maram A. Suliman, Atheer Eltigani, Hassan Elsafi, Basil D. Hamdelnile, Mohamed A. Mukhtar, Faisal M. Fadlelmola*

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MOTIVATION: Delivering high-quality distance-based courses in resource-limited settings is a challenging task. Besides the needed infrastructure and expertise, effective delivery of a bioinformatics course could benefit from hands-on sessions, interactivity and problem-based learning approaches.

RESULTS: In this article, we discuss the challenges and best practices in delivering bioinformatics training in resource-limited settings taking the example of hosting and running a multiple-delivery online course, Introduction to Bioinformatics, that was developed by the H3ABioNet Education and Training working group and delivered in 27 remote classrooms across Africa in 2017. We take the case of the University of Khartoum classrooms. Believing that our local setting is similar to others in less-developed countries, we also reflect upon aspects like classroom environment and recruitment of students to maximize outcomes.

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TijdschriftBriefings in Bioinformatics
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StatusPublished - mrt.-2020
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