Description of the juvenile form of the sea cucumber Thelenota anax H. L. Clark, 1921

Taha Soliman, James D. Reimer*, Iori Kawamura, Sancia E. T. van der Meij, Bastian T. Reijnen, Gustav Paulay

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Our knowledge of the ecology and habitat of juveniles of many sea cucumber species is limited, due to their cryptic habitats and differing color and shape from adults. In the present study, a juvenile specimen of the sea cucumber Thelenota anax H. L. Clark, 1921, collected from 30m at Rukan Reef, Okinawa, Japan, is described. We confirmed specific identity using cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) sequences. We show that the pseudotable ossicles in Thelenota are table ossicles, and document synallactid-like ossicles not previously recorded in the Stichopodidae.

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TijdschriftMarine Biodiversity
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StatusPublished - 5-feb-2019
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