Designing Organisations in the CCI

Johan Kolsteeg, Frido Smulders

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This paper investigates the application of the IDER-model, that combines design thinking and design related implementation theories that take the potential conflicting value systems into account as well as a focus on the subsequent realization of associated organizational changes. An additional challenge is to realize the new structure in a way that it stays flexible as were it of a prototypical nature. Based on this theoretical discussion the paper proposes an agenda for future research to generalise our findings. The model explicated in the paper relates to the fundamental choices underlying the adaption to external changes through hybridization.
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TitelDesign Management in an Era of Disruption
SubtitelProceedings of the 19th DMI: Academic Design Management Conference
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StatusPublished - 2014
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Evenement19th DMI: Academic Design Management Conference - London, United Kingdom
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Conference19th DMI: Academic Design Management Conference
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