Detecting free radicals post viral infections

V. G. Damle, K. Wu, D. J. Arouri, R. Schirhagl*

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Free radical generation plays a key role in viral infections. While free radicals have an antimicrobial effect on bacteria or fungi, their interplay with viruses is complicated and varies greatly for different types of viruses as well as different radical species. In some cases, radical generation contributes to the defense against the viruses and thus reduces the viral load. In other cases, radical generation induces mutations or damages the host tissue and can increase the viral load. This has led to antioxidants being used to treat viral infections. Here we discuss the roles that radicals play in virus pathology. Furthermore, we critically review methods that facilitate the detection of free radicals in vivo or in vitro in viral infections.

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Pagina's (van-tot)8-23
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TijdschriftFree Radical Biology and Medicine
StatusPublished - okt.-2022

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