Determining the centre of pressure during walking and running using an instrumented treadmill

GJ Verkerke*, AL Hof, W Zijlstra, W Ament, G Rakhorst

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In this paper, a new method of determining spatial and temporal gait parameters by using centre of pressure (CoP) data is presented. A treadmill is used which was developed to overcome limitations of regular methods for the analysis of spatio-temporal gait parameters and ground reaction forces during walking and running. The design of the treadmill is based on the use of force transducers underneath a separate left and right plate, which together form the treadmill walking surface.

The results of test procedures and measurements show that accurate recordings of vertical ground reaction force can be obtained. These recordings enable a separate analysis of vertical ground reaction forces during double support phases in walking, and the analysis of changes in the centre of pressure (CoP) position during subsequent foot placements. From the Col? data, temporal gait parameters (e.g. duration of left/right support and swing phases) and spatial gait parameters (i.e. left/right step lengths and widths) can be derived. (C) 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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TijdschriftJournal of biomechanics
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StatusPublished - sep.-2005

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