Developing a questionnaire on physical activity support of people with (profound) intellectual (and multiple) disabilities: Experiences from the Netherlands

Leontien Bossink, Annette van der Putten, Carla Vlaskamp



Introduction: People with intellectual disabilities (ID) undertake extremely low levels of physical activity, which is even more true in people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities (PIMD). Physical activity approaches, particularly for people with PIMD, are more likely to be effective and sustainable if they target the specific needs of those who are charged with supporting and activating the target group (e.g. direct support professionals). Targeting requires accurate identification of factors that make it more difficult or easier to achieving structural increases in the physical activity of people with all levels of ID. Objective: To develop a valid and reliable questionnaire to determine impeding and facilitating factors of physical activity support to inform the design, implementation, and maintenance of approaches to increase physical activity in people with ID. Method: Based on the theoretical domains framework, a qualitative analysis of literature and interview transcripts with direct support professionals (DSPs) were used to determine relevant items. A first draft of the instrument is tested in 10 DSPs, after small adaptations followed. We are now in the process of field-testing. Results: The different development phases of the questionnaire and preliminary results will be presented with a focus on DSPs in the support of people with PIMD. Discussion: As the supporting role of DSPs increase in importance along with the severity of ID, the findings of this study provide an important basis to continue research and to improve design and policies regarding the physical activation of people with PIMD. We would like to discuss with colleagues this topic further, our methodology and the first results.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 29-aug-2017
Evenement8th Roundtable Meeting of the SIRG-PIMD - Fribourg, Switzerland
Duur: 29-aug-201730-aug-2017


Conference8th Roundtable Meeting of the SIRG-PIMD
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