Development and Climate Aid to Africa: Comparing Aid Allocation Models for Different Aid Flows

Florian Weiler*, Franklins A. Sanubi

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    This article examines the role different aid allocation models play not only for conventional development aid but also for two new financial flows, adaptation and mitigation aid. We first test the three models proposed in the literature - recipient need, recipient merit, and donor interests - using the latest available aid data and compare our results with findings of older studies on Africa, and with studies on aid allocation on a global scale. We find that the recipient merit model in more recent years no longer plays a role for development aid allocation in Africa, in line with findings reported globally. I n contrast to such global studies, the logic of the donor interest model does not seem to dominate over the recipient need model in the African context, as both are of equal importance for aid allocation decisions. Finally, additionality seems to play a lesser role in Africa than globally.

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    StatusPublished - dec-2019

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