Development and structure of the VariaNTS corpus: A spoken Dutch corpus containing talker and linguistic variability

Floor Arts, Deniz Baskent, Terrin N. Tamati*

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Speech perception and spoken word recognition are not only affected by what is being said, but also by who is speaking. Currently, publicly available corpora of spoken Dutch do not offer a wide variety of linguistic materials produced by multiple talkers. The VariaNTS (Variatie in Nederlandse Taal en Sprekers) corpus is a Dutch spoken corpus that was developed to maximize both linguistic and talker variability. It contains 1000 items from 11 linguistic subcategories, recorded by 8 male and 8 female native speakers of standard Dutch. The corpus contains audio recordings, orthographic transcriptions, item-specific details such as word frequencies, neighborhood densities and phonotactic probabilities, and talker details. The VariaNTS corpus aims to provide new materials to be used for broad assessment of speech perception and word recognition in Dutch clinical and academic settings.

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TijdschriftSpeech Communication
StatusPublished - mrt.-2021

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