Development of a Novel Orthogonal Double Gradient for High-Throughput Screening of Mesenchymal Stem Cells-Materials Interaction

Qihui Zhou, Lu Ge, Carlos F. Guimaraes, Philipp T. Kuhn, Liangliang Yang, Patrick van Rijn*

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Surface gradients provide a powerful platform to accelerate multiscale design by efficiently studying of material-cell interactions to ultimately enhance function of synthetic clinical biomaterials. Herein, a novel orthogonal double gradient is reported in which surface stiffness and wettability vary independently and continuously in perpendicular directions, providing unique combinations of stiffness and wettability over a broad range (stiffness: 6-89 MPa; water contact angle: 29 degrees-90 degrees). It is found that mesenchymal stem cell behavior is nonlinearly regulated by surface stiffness and wettability. These combined stiffness and wettability properties of a material significantly affect stem cell adhesion, spreading, nucleus size, and vinculin expression. This high-throughput screening system enables elucidation of the relationships between biointerface properties and biological behavior, and thereby serves a potential tool for accelerating the development of high-performance biomaterials.

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TijdschriftAdvanced Materials Interfaces
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StatusPublished - 21-sep-2018

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