Development of the wide-field IFU PPak

Andreas Kelz*, Marc Verheijen, Martin M. Roth, Uwe Laux, Svend-Marian Bauer

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PPak is a new fiber-bundle, developed at the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam for the existing PMAS 3D-instrument. The intention of PPak is to provide a large integral field-of-view in combination with a large collecting area per fiber for the study of extended low-surface brightness objects. The PPak system consists of a focal reducer lens and a fiber bundle, featuring an innovative design with object, sky and calibration fibers. With a field-of-view of 74 x 65 arcseconds, PPak currently is the world's widest integral field unit that provides a semi-contiguous regular sampling of extended astronomical objects. Its pre-optics and fiber-diameter, combined with the versatility and efficiency of the PMAS spectrograph, allows PPak to make a unique trade-off between total light-collecting power and spectral resolution.
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TitelGround-based instrumentation for astronomy
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StatusPublished - 1-sep.-2004

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