Diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging techniques for treatment response evaluation in patients with high-grade glioma, a systematic review and meta-analysis

Bart R. J. van Dijken, Peter Jan van Laar, Gea A Holtman, Anouk van der Hoorn*

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Treatment response assessment in high-grade gliomas uses contrast enhanced T1-weighted MRI, but is unreliable. Novel advanced MRI techniques have been studied, but the accuracy is not well known. Therefore, we performed a systematic meta-analysis to assess the diagnostic accuracy of anatomical and advanced MRI for treatment response in high-grade gliomas.

Databases were searched systematically. Study selection and data extraction were done by two authors independently. Meta-analysis was performed using a bivariate random effects model when ae5 studies were included.

Anatomical MRI (five studies, 166 patients) showed a pooled sensitivity and specificity of 68% (95%CI 51-81) and 77% (45-93), respectively. Pooled apparent diffusion coefficients (seven studies, 204 patients) demonstrated a sensitivity of 71% (60-80) and specificity of 87% (77-93). DSC-perfusion (18 studies, 708 patients) sensitivity was 87% (82-91) with a specificity of 86% (77-91). DCE-perfusion (five studies, 207 patients) sensitivity was 92% (73-98) and specificity was 85% (76-92). The sensitivity of spectroscopy (nine studies, 203 patients) was 91% (79-97) and specificity was 95% (65-99).

Advanced techniques showed higher diagnostic accuracy than anatomical MRI, the highest for spectroscopy, supporting the use in treatment response assessment in high-grade gliomas.

aEuro cent Treatment response assessment in high-grade gliomas with anatomical MRI is unreliable

aEuro cent Novel advanced MRI techniques have been studied, but diagnostic accuracy is unknown

aEuro cent Meta-analysis demonstrates that advanced MRI showed higher diagnostic accuracy than anatomical MRI

aEuro cent Highest diagnostic accuracy for spectroscopy and perfusion MRI

aEuro cent Supports the incorporation of advanced MRI in high-grade glioma treatment response assessment.

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